Work With Me

Community Chocolate 14I deeply value compassion, honesty and attentiveness, listening and learning.

My vision for every client is that they experience a tremendous feeling of clarity through my coaching process. I feel coaching is not always about creating a manifesto or reaching your next goal, rather, coaching with me is often about uncovering what needs to be said.

If you are looking to create more clarity, or are ready to streamline your life so you can simply have more of what you want, or perhaps want to find the words to compassionately confront a challenging situation, I am excellent at helping you get there.

I admit, my coaching is not for the faint of heart, but if you are someone who desires a deeply rich and meaningful life, I know how to ask the right questions to move you in that direction and support you wholeheartedly along the way. In return, you’ll commit to doing the work, even when it gets hard, and make the changes you need to make, so that you can live from a place of strength.

My coaching relationships are unique.

They are a combined experience of mentor and mentee, consultant and client, doctor and patient, and coach and client, all wrapped into one.

I will support you in living authentically with your values, challenge you to be stronger and bolder than you think you can be, guide you in making healthy choices and provide you with the resources, strategies and the skills to make it easier along the way.


The Experience

In the beginning, I like to meet with my clients, (in person, on the phone or through skype) three times a month (with a weekly email check in) whenever possible, as I have found that this allows us to continually build on the successes you will experience and the skills you will learn.

Our sessions will create clarity and perspective and to help you live in integrity with your values.

I love the conversation that asks us to uncover our truest selves, and I find that sometimes it’s helpful to have someone ask deeper questions in order to uncover what is truly there.

One of the things I excel at is being able to distill down complex issues into simple solutions. Together we’ll look at what’s holding you back and you’ll leave each session with a bigger perspective of the issues at hand.


Setting the Foundation 

Discovery – Prior to our first session, you will complete a set of exploratory questions.  These questions will help me get to know you better even before we start our coaching, and will often spark some ideas and inspiration for you too.

Identifying Values -  Identifying your Core Values sets the tone for the work we will do together and helps us navigate through your short and long term desires as well as your challenging situations and tolerations.   If we start to put out fires, and take action without really asking what is important to you, we may not get where you want to go.

Vision – We will talk about what you would like to experience, how you would like to feel and what you would like to accomplish through our coaching sessions together.

Clean Sweep – you will have an opportunity to download the things you are tolerating in your life both personally and professionally.  Taking the time to identify these issues and experiences will often create a sense of peace and emptiness from which healing can happen.


People who typically work with me…

notice that something is incongruent in their lives but are having a hard time identifying what that “something” is.

are ready to make the changes necessary to live with more clarity and are looking for someone to help support them with the skills and strategies to move forward.

find the whole idea of “confrontation” uncomfortable and would like to learn how to do it compassionately, with less fear and more ease.

feel stuck, yet know they deserve more in life and are ready to experience a breakthrough in their personal or professional life.



I can help you…

radically decrease suffering time around confusing relationship dynamics and tiresome decision making.

learn strategies to communicate clearly and consciously what you need.

acquire skills to increase your capacity to compassionately confront difficult situations and people.

develop new perspectives with simple and effective exercises that you can use daily.

I am...

objective, straight forward and compassionately honest.

highly intuitive, a keen listener and can read between the lines.

a strong advocate for you becoming your greatest self.


I may not be the right coach for you if…

you are looking for a cheerleader.

While I am extremely encouraging and uplifting, I think I accomplish this in more subtle and sincere ways.

 you want to stay in a compromised situation.  

However, if you feel even remotely courageous and are willing to be slightly uncomfortable in order to ultimately feel peaceful, I promise you the benefits are great.

you are looking for someone to do the work for you.

While I don’t give regular written homework assignments, I may ask you to reflect on something we spoke about, or journal about a point in our conversation.

This coaching process will be unique to you and will progress at the speed you feel comfortable moving.  I am here to support you, champion you and encourage you to live your most joyful and authentic life.  This may mean however at times, and with your permission, that I will ask you to move forward in ways that may at first feel uncomfortable.  Learning to do things like “compassionately confront” is often a new skill for many people, and can sometimes feel intimidating.  You will be learning how to flex new muscles, and I promise you, the strength you feel after working through the process is well worth it.


Coaching sessions and fees

I have found the most effective way to coach with me is over the course of a few sessions. That way we are able to focus on skills for creating clarity with the issues that are most relevant for you.  My coaching can be laser-like as well as process oriented and you will feel a growing sense of empowerment as we work through the sessions together.

Let’s talk, I offer a free 15 minute get aquatinted session to answer any questions. I can be reached by phone at  480-704-2787 or email me at to learn more.

I look forward to working together!