Why Finger Painting is the Cure for Inaction

finger-painting-pinterestFinger painting? Isn’t that for kids? 

Sure, but the way I see it, it also has a lot to do with taking action and getting things done in life.

Much like taking action, finger painting is an imperfect experience and sometimes you have to make a mess in order to make it happen.

It’s the perfect art form to explore what gets us going and what stops us from moving forward.

In his book The Art of Taking Action, Gregg Krech takes a mindful approach to exploring ACTION and how to do what’s important to you in the time you have left to do.

Here are a few things he has to say about taking action (along with my thoughts on why it has a lot to do with finger painting…).

Inaction – Taking action can be stressful. But it can be more stressful to procrastinate and leave things untended. In the world of finger painting if you leave the paint alone on the paper long enough it dries out, leaving you with a crispy half finished version of the colorful picture you imagined. Life can be pretty similar, leave something ignored long enough and it’s meaning can dry out.

Defeating the Demons of Inaction – Fear, Indecision, Perfectionism, Discouragement — these are just some of the “demons of inaction” you may have to battle on the road to taking action.   Trying to be anything close to perfect when finger painting is futile…it’s just too messy.   Indecisive about what colors to use? Fearful they will mix together and look like mud? Discouraged that your child’s finger painting looks better than yours?  All artful metaphors  for life.

Starting - “An object at rest will remain at rest.” Getting started is often the biggest challenge. But it can be done.  Worried about getting your hands dirty? Don’t like the squishiness of the paint?  Can’t commit to the time it takes? Just dive in, get your hands in the mix and experience the beauty you can create!

I hope to see you at Community Chocolate soon,  you never know what you may learn or who you may strike up a conversation with.


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