Together on Tuesdays

Community Chocolate 04Fill up!  

Together on Tuesdays is a sweet spot during the week to explore new ideas, engage in meaningful conversation, enjoy creative expression and of course, share some chocolate together.

These  gatherings are complementary, and we meet most Tuesdays from 10am to 11:30am.

Together on Tuesdays has four delicious ingredients that blend well together!  Each week we offer one of the following experiences…

 TED Talk & Chocolate                          

TED talks ( are invigorating, inspiring, and uplifting. They ask important questions and give us an opportunity to hear powerful new ideas from national and international speakers. TED Talk & Chocolate is a comfortable forum to explore these compelling ideas through thought provoking, engaging and entertaining conversation.  Sure,  you can watch a TED talk at home but why do it alone when we can share our insights together and engage in a little chocolate while we are talking as well!


Creativity, Connection & Chocolate

So often throughout our day our focus can lean towards achieving results and we loose the simple joy of being in the creative process.  At Creativity, Connection & Chocolate we carve our a  special time and place for you to reconnect to your creative self.  Interested in getting your hands dirty in a creative way but want to skip the mess in your own home?  Join us for this fun and fulfilling experience – we provide the supplies for art with a meaningful twist!


Craving Quiet

Need a peaceful time out  for an hour or two?

This is a special, meditative and tranquil environment created for you to take time for reflection through journaling. Craving Quite an opportunity to contemplate on meaningful questions, inspiring passages and beautiful images.

If you’re not the journaling type, enjoy this soothing space for a contemplative exercise in coloring mandalas.  A mandala is a sacred circle that is believed to help promote relaxation, balance the body’s energies, enhance creativity, and support healing.

Join us for this relaxing morning, bring your own journal or use the journaling and coloring supplies provided!


 Coaching Conversations & Chocolate

Community Chocolate is a special place to connect with other women in a beautiful and “delicious” setting. At Coaching Conversations & Chocolate we will explore meaningful topics through small group discussion and interactive exercises that support personal breakthroughs and growth. Try on new perspectives with simple and effective exercises that you can use daily and leave with tools and strategies to communicate clearly and consciously what you need.

Our classes and events would not be complete without a bit of chocolate. Whether it’s a piece of organic chocolate cake, a dark chocolate brownie or a chocolate chip cookie conversation tastes best with a little sweetness thrown in the mix (of c

Come indulge in the sweetness!