Planting Seeds of Change

photo-2I’m a lover of gardens.

Some years you can find me enjoying the amazing spring weather we have here in Phoenix covered in soil, planting all kinds of vegetable seeds and seedlings and watching daily as they sprout, flower and grow.

Other years I am just to busy with other projects to start a garden and I live vicariously through the many conversations I have with fellow garden growers who are actually tilling the soil and harvesting delicious heirloom fruits and vegetables.

This is one of those “living vicariously” years and instead of “physically” planting seeds, I’ve been thinking about the “idea” of planting seeds in my life in terms of goals, adventures, interactions and experiences I envision for myself this year.

After thinking about it I realized that for me setting goals and intentions is more about “who I am willing to be and how I am willing to grow” rather than “what I want to do or accomplish”.

How willing am I to try new things? Am I my willing to take risks, make mistakes and put  myself out there in ways I haven’t before? Am I willing to build new relationships and let go of old ones?

How far am I willing to stretch myself into new areas that have in the past scared me or have been unknown to me?

And, I think most importantly, am I willing to let myself be freer, more playful and enjoy life more? That can sometimes be a stretch too.

These are the seeds of change that I will be planting this month and I invite you to join me.

Over the next four weeks as we move into Spring, you’ll have the opportunity at our Tuesday gatherings to begin planting seeds for your goals over this next year.

What seeds will you plant?  What plans, ideas and inspirations do you want to grow? We will plant these seeds in March so they can take shape in April  when we’ll “Take action” on our inspirations. 

I hope you’ll join us for a class or event soon, you never know what you may learn or who you may strike up a conversation with!

Ted Talk & Chocolate                                        Tuesday, March 10

Creativity, Connection & Chocolate            Tuesday, March 17

Craving Quiet                                                       Tuesday, March 24

Coaching Conversaton & Chocolate           Tuesday, March 31

Please call 480.704.2787 to register for our Together on Tuesday gatherings!



 Community Chocolate …connection sweet.


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