The Beauty of Different

beauty of different rainDear Friends,

Yesterday morning was unique.

It’s not often that I get to enjoy reading the morning newspaper on my porch while watching the rain.  Reading the morning paper is pretty normal…it’s the rain that’s so different.

We just don’t get to experience it very much here in Phoenix, and when we do it’s truly something to appreciate.

As I sat there thumbing through the business section and enjoying the cooler weather I came across an article about a company that has become enormously successful by regularly blow drying and straightening women’s naturally curly hair.

The fact that the founder of the company used her story of struggling to take care of her own curly hair and turn it into a multimillion dollar business is truly impressive.

But what I question is why we curly haired women want so desperately to have straight hair in the first place?  So much so that we are willing to pay to have it straightened week after week.

I’ve been there. I can think of countless times I spent glued to my blow dryer to fight off the frizz – I did it for years. And I remember thinking that there was so much more I could be dong with my time if I didn’t have to spend it fighting with my hair to look a certain way.

The truth is I didn’t have to spend my time that way, I chose it, mostly because I was trying to fit an image of someone that was not me. I was spending an awful lot  of time trying to be the same as others instead of embracing my own beauty of being different.

Eventually I gave up trying to look so smooth and polished, retired my blow dryer for a curlier and much freer feel, and never looked back.

I guess that’s why Karen Waldron’s book The Beauty of Different captured my heart. In it she explores beauty in nine fresh ways and challenges us to revel in our own uniqueness. She shares…

“Beauty is something we experience and feel on a soul level. It’s more than being pretty or aesthetically attractive – it’s an intangible attribute that stirs something deep inside of us.

Each of us – because of all of our differences – possess the power to touch another soul.

Look closely. We are all beautiful.”

Whether it is the beauty we express through our individuality, our imperfections, our sense of adventure and even through our heartbreak, Karen shares that it’s our willingness to be different that makes us beautiful.

We all have a story of “different”.


 I hope to see you at Community Chocolate soon,  you never know what you may learn or who you may strike up a conversation with.


Community Chocolate…connection is sweet.

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