kristen gaffney pictureWhat is Community Chocolate?

A friend suggested I attend a Community Chocolate get together on a Tuesday night. It was nearby so I thought  “why not” (without knowing what it was I was walking into). It was not anything I thought it was or turned out to be!  It was 10 times better!! The uniqueness of this gathering place is enlightening and exciting as well as relaxing and comfortable.  Let me explain: It is a book club without the book, a therapy group minus the therapist, an art class without the instructor, a group of all types of women that seem like old friends, but upon arriving for the first time you know none, and a place to indulge your love of chocolate among other delectables if you choose! If you should walk through those doors one day, I can guarantee you will be greeted with warmness and that feeling of “belonging”. You will meet, hear or talk with someone that may say just the thing you needed to hear and vice versa. At the very least you will have some amazing chocolate! Don’t deny yourself.

With gratitude,

Kristen G.


IMG_5055Being a part of Community Chocolate the last few months has been such a gift in my life.

Building relationships with women that do more than simply scratch the surface has been harder for me to come by as time has marched on and schedules have filled up.  .  . When Elissa explained her vision of a place where women could meet for meaningful conversation and connection, I immediately knew I wanted to participate.  The space she’s created at Community Chocolate is comfortable, peaceful, inviting and beautiful all at once.  I look forward to Tuesday mornings each week for so many reasons, the least of which are the scrumptious teas, chocolate, and goodies! I’ve enjoyed every one of our weekly gatherings – especially the fact that it’s never the same!  The topics and activities we’ve explored have been interesting, inspiring and challenging at times, but never dull!  The schedule has evolved in a way that strikes such a balance between learning, conversation, creative expression and self reflection.  It’s been really wonderful to meet so many interesting and unique women and hear about a variety of perspectives on subjects that are deeply meaningful to us all.  One of the most valuable aspects of Community Chocolate has been the opportunity to learn more about myself through our conversations and receive thoughtful feedback from the other women.  Our time together has also encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and question some of my long held beliefs about myself and the world.  I love the relationships we are building and am so grateful for our time together… I started coming to Community Chocolate motivated by a desire for meaningful connections with women and am delighted to have that hope be grounded in real experiences now!  Thank you, Elissa for taking the initiative to provide this space for women to connect.

I so appreciate it!

Hallie Clark


Patricia HohmannA friend of mine shared the email that went out announcing Community Chocolate.  I was skeptical but wanted to believe in its’ premise.

I went to many of the gatherings this past year and every meeting was a bit different.  Each meeting had different attendees which shakes up the conversation and allows for new friends. Women from all walks of life gather in a cozy setting (yes, with chocolate!), to learn from each other.  To listen, sometimes to each other and sometimes to hear our own hearts and voices within.  I have seen many times the synergy that is created when women come together, sitting, sharing, and listening.   This environment is perfect for that kind of synergy! Are you stuck, are you looking for inspiration or perhaps validation?  Community Chocolate is a great place for all of that and more!

Patricia Hohmann


IMG_5059My name is Jennifer Hoeprich, and I am a home birth midwife in the East Valley.

I am a patient at Living Inline, and started attending the weekly gatherings at Community Chocolate when Dr. Elissa began the group. I have absolutely loved every moment and feel compelled to spread the word! Sisterhood and women’s circles are an integral part of my self-care as a women’s health care practitioner, and Community Chocolate has been one of the most enjoyable groups I have ever attended.  I have laughed, cried, faced fears, and learned much from my time in these amazing circles. One of the reasons for this is the structure of the gatherings. Essentially, there is a theme for the month, and then each class we explore that theme in a different way.  For instance, a theme for the month might be using your voice. One week we might watch a Ted Talk featuring a female punk singer sharing what she has learned about being fearless in asking for help through wildly successful crowdfunding.  The next week, we might sit for an hour and color mandalas, sharing quiet space together, contemplating our wants and desires.  The following week, we might explore female archetypes, determining which one has been the most prevalent in our life as our way of achieving results, and exploring how that serves us and doesn’t serve us. In this way, each week, we have an opportunity to share, reflect, learn and grow through various modalities. Also, each week, participants receive group coaching from Dr. Elissa, to assist us in defining our goals and pursuing our dreams.  A good coach provides an opportunity for you to stretch yourself beyond your perceived limits, and I have found that time and again, through Dr. Elissa’s coaching.  She is an absolute gem. And, then there is the chocolate. Dr. Elissa provides healthy and delicious treats at every gathering, many from my favorite vegan restaurant down the road, Pomegranate Cafe. I am in the sad minority, in that I don’t actually eat chocolate. However, the richness, the flavor, and the endorphins I have enjoyed from my experiences at Community Chocolate have left me feeling perfectly indulgent each week. I highly recommend Community Chocolate as a resource for women looking to connect on a deep level with other women, and to self-reflect in a safe and supportive environment. I am forever grateful to and inspired by Dr. Elissa for pursuing her vision and creating such a fantastic resource, and I wish her continued success in her chiropractic and coaching endeavors!

Much love,

Jennifer Hoeprich, LM, CPM Moxie Midwifery


cindy machell pictureFirst of all, I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful space for women to meet.

I was not sure what was going to happen the first time I walked through the door but the experience always exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the level of conversation. We talked about things that mattered to everyone. The women who participated seemed to really crave the deeper conversations and they were very brave and open about some of their experiences. I feel like it is a safe space to talk about some subjects that may be difficult for people to talk about. There is a feeling of non-judgment that I really like. I think in our culture we are getting away from face to face contact. People tend to use Twitter and Facebook to catch up because they are too busy to get together. To me there is no substitute for meeting in person with people. This group gives women a chance to take the time each week to connect in person and I feel that is very valuable. I also enjoy the Ted Talks. They are always interesting and it is so much more fun to talk to people about it right after you see it. It enriches the experience. I am looking forward to more gatherings at Community Chocolate. I always walk away feeling re-charged and inspired. :-)


Cindy Machell