She’s smart, compelling, beautiful, and truly captivating.

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Smart, compelling, beautiful, and truly captivating.   

That’s what I thought of Shefali Tsabary when I heard her speak at the Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco last year.

And while her books are about conscious parenting I think her message about being mindful in relationship is relevant for almost everyone.

She speaks about how our children allow us to see deeply into ourselves if we pay attention. I love this quote she shares…

‘In all kinds of ways – if we are willing – our children take us into places in our hearts we didn’t know existed.”

Yet her message is  not reserved for those with young children alone.  It’s  about consciousness and being aware in all our relationships – in our friendships, our work relationships, with our partners, family members and even with our own parents. These relationships can all be reflections for us.

Her inquiry is beautifully honest and sensitive and I love how she asked us, her audience, to consciously examine our responses and reactions in our relationships – but she doesn’t sugarcoat it.

She’s potent, and direct in an uncomfortable way, yet reassuring at the same time. 

The talk she gave was titled “Pain as a Portal to Consciousness”. I know, the title itself is enough to make one cringe, and I did…there were times as she spoke that I felt she was being deeply controversial – even offensive!

Yet if I am truly honest with myself, those angry feelings were just my own discomfort and fear of being asked to let go of my resistance, my egoic opinions and to have more flexibility and acceptance in my relationships.

Her talk is not only worth thinking about…its worth talking about!  

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