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With Dr. Jason Kolber

Dear Friend,

I am ready.

I am ready to share my heart with you.

I am ready to share the lessons I’ve learned, and how it is that I consistently stay inspired to grow, learn, advance, heal, serve, uplift, succeed, prosper, and give.

I have been in an intense growth cycle where I have not made myself as available to you, my friends, colleagues, clients, and collaborative partners, for the past five years.

Now, I am ready to share, coach, uplift, reveal, uncover, and co-create with you.


So what will this look like?

Twice a month, from 7:30pm to 9:00 pm, on a Monday evening, we will gather and meet in person at Community Chocolate, my wife Dr. Elissa Katz’s beautiful community learning and gathering center, that is next door to Living Inline.
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We will meet, discuss, uncover, and expound upon what it means to live an abundant, successful, healthy, and fulfilling personal and professional life.

I will coach. I will share. I will ask more of you.  I will listen.

I will call in resident experts in their fields to share, in person, what it means to rise to the top.

We will discuss what it means to overcome limitation(s), to consistently hit peak goals, and how to overcome fear, limitation, “lack”, and limits.

We will network naturally. We won’t spend time handing out business cards, nor deliver one minute elevator pitches. We will collaborate, and meet like-minded people, and the synergy will unfold naturally. We may even end up brainstorming as a group for you.

Who knows, secretly I have always wanted to be a match maker, so maybe some magical life partner connections will unfold.


Here’s more – we will cover topics such as:

(1) How to harness your mind’s creativity to succeed;

(2) How to overcome road blocks;

(3) How to eat rejection and use it as fuel;

(4) How to broadcast to the world what your faults are, and to attract to you all the incredible magic people who can help fill in the gaps;

(5) How to shift from a model of selfishness to one of abundance;

(6) What you may want to be reading and exposing yourself to; and

(7) How to only surround yourself with people who feel like a blessing, and a dream come true (hint: they may be sitting next to you in these gatherings and classes).

Furthermore, get exposed to winning NCAA coaches, leaders, and elite members of professional sports organizations, and ask them, in person, what separates the best from the rest.

Listen in on conversations with elite wealth planners, and ask them what people who financially prosper do. (Special note: I will only choose as speakers, those high net worth individuals who love to mentor and teach.  They will not be soliciting business, but rather will volunteer their time because of their desire to give back, and their belief in me both personally and professionally).


In addition to our bi-monthly meetings in person, we will meet via conference call once a month.  During these calls, we will recap the lessons and concepts from the month before, and propel us forward to ensure we stay in constant positive motion. I will record these phone re-cap classes so that you can listen to them at your leisure.

In addition, we will cover what I believe are core classes on:

(1) What to do when you “slip”

(2) How to heal emotional pain so that you can feel and live free; and

(3) How to ask for forgiveness, and to solicit apologies when needed to close the circles of disconnection.

These three topics alone are priceless.


Ok, if we have not met ;

Who am I you might ask?

I am:

(1) Husband
(2) Father
(3) Son
(4) Brother
(5) Successful doctor
(6) Friend
(7) Author
(8) Elite athlete consultant for MLB, LPGA, PGA ,and the NCAA; Including Performance Consultant for The Arizona Diamondbacks
(9) Success coach and mentor
(10) Spiritual student
(11) Humorist
(12) Pet lover
(13) In search of the world’s best lemonade
(14) Lover of people
(15) Uplifter
(16) Funny story collector
(17) Monthly contributor to newspaper
(18) Life long learner
(19) I do not have a shy bone in my body
(20) Health advocate
(21) Natural teacher
(22) A slow but strong swimmer
(23) Lover of the speed of humming bird wings and bird feeders
(24) Successful private practice co-director for 15 years
(25) Published author

I have meditated every day since January 15, 1998, and yes, I remember the date.

I have written one newsletter per week since August 10, 1995, and am grateful to share that I now reach thousands of individuals every week via my newsletter.

OK, hopefully you know I am cool and competent by now…


You’re probably asking yourself: What’s the investment? When does all this fun stuff begin?

(Option 1) Pay a la carte if you want to check me out and see if this is for you:

Tuition: $55 per each in person class and $5 for each tele-conference call which will also be recorded for your listening pleasure for members and attendees totaling $115 a month.

( Option #2 ) Buy a package of classes and receive a discount.

10 classes @ $50 a class.

20 classes @ $45 a class

(Or  Option “Dive in”  ) Pre pay and join as a team member and be an early adopter for $827 a year total.   That $827 will also include a one-time gift of an amazing 60 minute healing massage and rejuvenation session from Jaclyn, our amazing massage therapist in our office at Living Inline for the first 25 people who join as an annual Monday Night Magic Member.



Why am I making this so affordable?

(1) My goal is to see this program help people and witness the experience of the magic of  1+1 = 3, meaning that the more powerful people there are in a room, the more success will occur and the more profound lessons will be learned;

(2) I will be video-taping these classes, as a very special mentor of mine has championed me to reach 50,000 people by December 2016; and

(3) I can afford to be generous, and I want to have fun with this, and really celebrate and rock the room, and feel free and easy and joyful and 100% myself.

So, take action, enjoy life with me, run with me, grow with me, and let’s create the best year of our lives.


This email will be sent to over 9000 people, by the time Day 1 of class begins as I have 12 close friends sharing “Monday Night Magic” with their outreach lists because they believe in this project.

There are only 50 eligible spots for this group and once it is booked we will create a waiting list for 2017.

The first Monday Night Magic will take place on Monday, September 21st 2015.

I am planting the seeds early  so that you can plan accordingly and commit to creating magic with me on Mondays and throughout the year!

The class will run through October 2016.  We will take July 2016 off to reflect, renew and revitalize.

There will be no refunds for these classes if paid for individually, or if you join as a pre-paid member.

This is not for the faint of heart.

If you are going to miss a class, you may have a friend, or co-worker, or a relative take your place in your class.

There is no contract to sign. I work with those whose word is more powerful than any binding document on paper.

OK, no more sharing exclamations or carrying on…Simply join me for “Monday Night Magic”.  You will be glad you did, I promise!



Shux, I can’t resist, here is a testimonial and endorsements from a special CEO I have worked with who can assure you that I will help you and I am blessed that I will have more endorsements
to share !!


Dr. J ,
It’s an honor to now have a chance to provide a testimonial for your Monday Night Magic.

I met Dr. Jason Kolber three years ago through a mutual friend. Since then I have known him as a business collaborator, a friend, and as a medical professional. I have come to discover and appreciate that he is equally remarkable as a doctor and caregiver as he is a human being. It is rare to find someone who is not only outstanding in their craft, but also stands out as a genuinely special individual. As a friend and gifted medical practitioner, Dr. J is “all in”. Despite the fact that J has thousands of patients — famous athletes, neighbors, titans of business — he has a rare gift that makes you feel as though you are his only patient. He listens empathically, diagnoses thoughtfully, and waxes metaphorically in ways that turn complex medical jargon into poetry. His mind is as brilliant as his hands and techniques. If you get the opportunity to know and listen to Dr. J, you will come to realize it is a disservice to refer to him merely as a chiropractor. J is a leader. J is an innovator and a medical evangelist. A coach and a mentor. J redefines the boundaries between what is needed and what is possible. Do yourself a favor and discover a game-changer, difference-maker, and life-changer: Dr. Jason Kolber.

Your Friend and Admirer…


Former President & CEO – Dial
Former President Phoenix Suns
Current President & CEO — Dogswell LLC


Brad you are a gift and I am so thankful. I will make you proud with the exciting project, Monday Night Magic. Who knows…..hmmm…perhaps you can be a guest speaker sharing your journey of running an NBA team, and a Billion dollar international company!!! Or perhaps as an amazing Father and committed Husband! Maybe all the above! You know me Brad, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get! ” Thank you!

Celebrate life and possibility with me!
Monday Night Magic – Beginning Monday September 21, 2015
Dr. J