Living Passionately, Loving Deeply

classical musicTaking the risk to live passionately and love deeply can be, well…risky.  

We risk that things may change, and that we may have to change with them.  We risk being uncomfortable as we step outside our comfort zone, and we risk the possibility of loss.

Not that we must endure, or suffer from loss, but we risk loss, and sometimes the fear of that loss alone is enough to stop us from trying to live a richer, more meaningful life. 

But it is in taking that risk that we open ourselves up to something bigger and more profound, to deeper and more complex experiences and emotions. It is how we grow.

This past Tuesday we viewed  “The Transformative Power of Classical Music” an inspiring TED Talk by Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. His  gift of inspiring others to live with and love classical music doesn’t stop there, he uses it as a metaphor for life. Benjamin often speaks about “living into” possibility, into the experience of life.  I believe it is his way of saying “take the risk, try to be bigger, better, more of who you are!”  Whether we are striving to learn a new instrument,  challenging ourselves to follow a new career path or falling in love for the first time…or the fifth, he encourages us to “live into” the possibility.  

 At Tuesday’s TED Talk & Chocolate gathering we discussed what living passionately  means to us and shared our thoughts about Ben’s idea of “living into”  possibility.

 Here are the questions we considered and some of the answers that the women in our community shared:

1. At the beginning of his talk Benjamin tells a story about salesmen who travel to a town to sell shoes.   One man sees no opportunity because “they do not wear shoes” the other sees an abundance of opportunity because “they have no shoes”.

 How do you experience this glass half-full / half-empty story in your own life?

  • To keep the glass half-full we… stay grateful ; listen to happy music;  laugh often! ; become  an observer,  have more awareness of my thoughts;   movement any movement!;  HUGS!


2. Ben shares that a leader must have no doubt in the capacity of those he is leading.

 Is this meaningful for you, if so how?

  •   Yes,  if leaders believe in the people they are leading they are more effective, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.;   to lead like this one step back and hold the space for others to grow.


3. When Benjamin shares how to listen to the piece by Frederic Chopin he says, “…this is about vision, its like the bird flying over the field who doesn’t care about the fences underneath”.

How does this speak to you?

  •   For me it’s about seeing long-term and not getting caught up in any daily drama.


4. Ben believes that classical music is for everyone.  He asks, “How would you walk, how would you talk, who would you be, if you thought everybody loved classical music but just didn’t know it yet?”

How would you walk,  how would you talk, who would you be, if you could see possibility for your own life the way he sees the possibility for you to love classical music?

  •   I would be much more positive and passionate. ; I would walk with my head held high, confident, happy.;  I would live with a certain knowing, a deep trust.


5. Benjamin defines his success by “how many shiny eyes are around him”, that is, how well is he able to awaken possibility and others.

What is your definition of success? (You may have several…)

  • If I’m happy.; When I am helping others build towards their goals.; I feel like it’s an honor to help someone see possibility and see that mistakes are just part of the learning process.;   I feel successful when my internal thoughts are positive. I like to  surround myself with people who believe anything is possible.; I do things like take yoga classes, and I enjoy rich experiences like the ones here at Community Chocolate.;  when I feel successful I experienced synchronicity I witnessed miracles and feel in the flow.;  When I take the risk to step outside my comfort zone, that to me feels successful.


 6. What do you think Ben means by “living into” the possibility?

  • I like the term “lean in” that is, to try it on, give it a chance. ; To me it’s like stepping in – one foot forward.;  I see it like living into what is true.

 As always, we welcome your thoughts and insights!

Thanks for being part of the community and I hope you’ll join us for an event at Community Chocolate soon, you never know what you may learn or who you will strike up a conversation with.  



Community Chocolate…connection is sweet.


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