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Beauty of different 2Dear Friends,

This week at our “Together on Tuesday” gathering we  talked about how “different is beautiful”.   We took some time  to consider the nine fresh ways Karen Waldron explores beauty in her book The Beauty of Different and how it applies to our own concept of beauty. (I share more about this idea here…)

Karen shares…

“Beauty is something we experience and feel on a soul level. It’s more than being pretty or aesthetically attractive – it’s an intangible attribute that stirs something deep inside of us.

Each of us – because of all of our differences – possess the power to touch another soul.

Look closely. We are all beautiful.”

I love this quote I think it challenges us to revel in our own uniqueness, and I’m touched by the quotes Karen has in her book from people who share why they are different.   Their views inspired us to ask to ask deeper questions about our own thoughts on beauty.

“I’m different because I am a professional tuba player and I play children’s music”  -  Will

“I’m different because the fact that I was adopted always made me feel that I was chosen. For this reason, I also feel I’ve been chosen to make a difference” – Allison

“I’m different because I have a unique sense of style, and I’m not afraid of wearing Smurf blue shoes in public” -  Matt

“There’s no one who I wish I was more like. I used to live my life wishing I was like other people, but then I realized that was just me comparing their “outsides” to my “insides” you know? “  – Helen

“ I’m different because I finally figured out I’m really good at excepting  and embracing change” – Michelle

“I’m different because I have weird superstitions. Like, giving knives as gifts is bad luck unless you give the giver a dime so it doesn’t “cut the friendship”. Or if you’re holding hands with someone and have to go around an obstacle, you have to say ‘bread and butter’. “ – Abby

Here are some of the questions we considered on Tuesday, perhaps they will help you find your “different”.

What “different” do you hide? How often do you hide it?

What do you do to ensure nobody sees your hidden “different”?

If you claimed your “different” and celebrated it, embodied it, what would change in your life?

What kind of people would you hang around?  Who would come into your life and who would drop out?


I hope to see you at a Community Chocolate class or event soon,  you never know what you may learn or who you may strike up a conversation with.


Community Chocolate…connection is sweet.




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