Boy, was I wrong!

Dear Friend,

These past 6 months have been rich and delicious and I’ve learned so much from this community!

When I began this journey called Community Chocolate six months ago my original desire was to create a space for women to connect, explore new ideas, enjoy conversation around meaningful topics and expand our world.

As our Tuesday gatherings unfolded, I found myself challenged at times thinking I needed to constantly provide new and dynamic content for women to want to gather. I sometimes struggled with finding compelling ideas and topics concerned that if I didn’t, the gatherings would not be as meaningful.

Boy was I wrong!

The truth is, YOU are the magic!  

The connections you have made with each other, your openness and willingness to share your ideas and feelings, your interest in growing and learning, and the humor and laughter and lightness you bring to each others lives…that’s what Community Chocolate is all about.

That’s what’s meaningful, and it’s what I originally envisioned for this community when we first started.

I’ve learned so much with you along the way, thank you for seeing the importance of this community and for supporting the vision.

Let’s keep going and keep sharing with other women the special experience of the gatherings at Community Chocolate.

June, especially in Phoenix, is a often a time to get away from the heat with family and friends, so we will pick up where we left off in mid to late July with favorite gatherings like TED talks & Chocolate, Creativity, Connection & Chocolate and Craving Quiet.

As always, I’d love to hear from you.  What have you enjoyed most at Community Chocolate? What topics or experiences have been most meaningful for you?

In the meantime I’ll keep sharing with you via newsletters and connecting with you through your emails and comments ( Oh, and by the way, we finally have a Facebook page so please join the conversation and “like” us there!)

I look forward to seeing you in person very soon!

Have a sweet June!

Community Chocolate 17







PS…To keep in line with summer fun we will be sure to have a frozen chocolate treat or two at our gatherings! Here’s one of my favorite local summer chocolate treats…Paletas Betty Mexican Hot Chocolate Pop.   Enjoy!

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