Being Compassionate with Ourselves

Heart picture for kindness blogOn Tuesday evening  at TED Talk and & Chocolate we explored the question, “How can we practice being compassionate with ourselves?

Here are some of the wonderful answers from women in our community that attended TED talk & Chocolate Tuesday evening.


  1. We can shift our perspective. One way to practice compassion is to talk to ourselves in the same gentle, loving and patient way that we would speak to a dear friend.
  2. We can be aware of our physiology.  We can recognize when we are reacting to a situation instead of gently responding, then acknologe this tension in ourselves and let it go.
  3. We can use a journal to express our feelings  – both joyful or unhappy.
  4. We can give to ourselves.  We can treat ourselves to a manicure or pedicure, take time alone to enjoy nature or read a good book.
  5. We can have gratitude for the day.  We can practice getting up and going to bed with positive, grateful feelings and thoughts of the day.

Beautiful thoughts! Thank you all for sharing from your hearts.

What are your thoughts? What are some ways you practice being compassionate with yourself?

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Warmly, Elissa

Community Chocolate…connection is sweet.

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