About Community Chocolate


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90% Connection  10% Dessert

Ahh, chocolate! Rich yet sweet, deep and fulfilling, truly something to savor.  Just a small bite allows us to pause, and be present in the moment.

What if we could expand that moment into a beautiful place that included time and space to connect with each other and to our creative selves; a place that offers us an opportunity to be inspired by interesting classes and engaging teachers; a place to experience the richness of who we truly are?

Community Chocolate is that place.

As women we crave to learn new things and be part of something bigger,
space to be authentically ourselves, and time to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.  Yet, we rarely have the time throughout the week to engage in all of these things.

Our goal at Community Chocolate is to offer engaging opportunities to learn from local experts and innovative teachers on a variety of subjects including mindfulness, clear communication, creative arts, personal growth, healthy relationships, healing retreats, yoga, conscious parenting, healthy organic eating, inspired leadership, and so much more.

There is an amazing synergy that occurs when we learn together. We have the potential to be both transformed by the information that we are given and uplifted by our interaction together.

Join us for a class or community event and expand your world.  You never know what you may learn or who you may strike up a conversation with.

Community Chocolate…connection is sweet.