Petite Retreats

Community Chocolate 07Life gets full fast!

We know you juggle a lot, often putting other people and commitments before yourself.

We also know that sometimes days, even weeks can go by without you having an opportunity to take a well deserved break.

You deserve a petite retreat!

Here’s an opportunity to have an incredibly fulfilling day for yourself.

Our Petite Retreats are creatively designed for you to take an enjoyable well earned break that will revive your spirit.

Its a healing retreat in your own backyard.

Petite Retreats speak to your desire for wellness, personal transformation and positive change in your life.

It’s a unique experience of integrated healing and self discovery created to reenergize your body and help you regain fresh perspectives that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Get the benefits of a vacation without having to leave town.

Just like an out of town vacation, Petite Retreats offer you a break from your daily repetitive routine, time for relaxation and reflection, and an opportunity to feel inspired again. You’ll also enjoy delicious organic food, creative activities, and the benefit of feeling transformed and refreshed at the end of your day.

Fully recharge and still be home for dinner!

Let’s face it, we all have commitments waiting for us.  We say let them wait…at least until dinner.

Petite Retreats include:

  • A Living Inline Balancing Session – Reboot your nervous system from the fight or flight experience of your daily life and feel refreshed with more, breath, peace and ease.
  • A relaxing  yoga class  - Find balance, strength and self-awareness in our yin and yang based yoga classes catered to your unique experience level.
  • Unleash your creativity while you explore art with a meaningful twist.
  • Savor time for self discovery through journaling, contemplation and personalized coaching
  • Enjoy an organic vegetarian / vegan lunch and guilt free delicious desserts.

Discover something wonderful…

Petite Retreats at  Community Chocolate and Living Inline

The Petite Retreat is a unique healing environment designed for growth and renewal.

For this reason space is limited to only 8 to 10 women.

We are currently planning our next retreat,  please call 480-704-2787 or email to be placed on our list to be among the first to be contacted.

I look forward to experiencing this day of renewal with you!